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The Defoaming Principle of Defoamer

Sep 23, 2020

1. The local surface tension of the foam decreases and the foam collapses
The origin of this mechanism is to sprinkle higher alcohol or vegetable oil on the foam. When it dissolves into the foam liquid, it will significantly reduce the surface tension there. Because these substances are generally less soluble in water, the reduction in surface tension is limited to the local area of ​​the foam, while the surface tension around the foam hardly changes. The part with reduced surface tension is pulled and stretched around strongly, and finally breaks.
2. Defoamer can destroy the elasticity of the membrane and cause the bubble to burst
When the defoamer is added to the foam system, it will diffuse to the gas-liquid interface, making it difficult for the foam-stabilizing surfactant to recover the elasticity of the film.
3. The defoamer can promote the drainage of the liquid film, thus causing the bubble to burst
The rate of foam drainage can reflect the stability of the foam. Adding a substance that accelerates the foam drainage can also play a defoaming effect.
4. Adding hydrophobic solid particles can cause bubbles to burst
The hydrophobic solid particles on the surface of the bubbles will attract the hydrophobic end of the surfactant, making the hydrophobic particles hydrophilic and enter the water phase, thereby playing a defoaming effect.
5. Solubilizing and foaming surfactants can cause bubbles to burst
Some low-molecular substances that can be fully mixed with the solution can solubilize the bubble surfactant and reduce its effective concentration. Low-molecular substances with this effect, such as octanol, ethanol, propanol and other alcohols, can not only reduce the surfactant concentration of the surface layer, but also dissolve into the surfactant adsorption layer, reducing the tightness between surfactant molecules Degree, thereby weakening the stability of the foam.
6. The electrolyte disintegrates the electric double layer of the surfactant and causes the bubble to burst
For the interaction of the electric double layer of the surfactant with the foam to produce a stable foaming liquid, the addition of ordinary electrolyte can disintegrate the electric double layer of the surfactant to have a defoaming effect.

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