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The Curing Speed of the Condensation type About Organic Silicone Adhesives

Aug 16, 2022

Organic silicone adhesive has unique heat resistance and low temperature resistance, good electrical properties and weather resistance, chemical stability, hydrophobic moisture resistance, oxidation resistance, workability, sealability, breathability and elasticity, etc. The electrical performance changes very little over a wide temperature range and the dielectric loss is low. It can be made into high-grade sealing materials, which are mainly used for sealing bonding of window glass and glass curtain wall. At present, there are mainly one-component, two-component, flame retardant and high temperature resistant silicone sealants. At present, China consumes about 10,000 tons of silicone sealant every year. According to the requirements of the products in different occasions, design and manufacture silicone materials with different molecular structures, such as: ① change the molecular structure of the polysiloxane main chain; ② change the organic group bound to the silicon atom; And curing method; ④ modified with organic resin; ⑤ selected various fillers; ⑥ selected various secondary processing technologies; ⑦ used various copolymerization technologies, etc., and then developed into organic silicone adhesives for various purposes.

Types of Organic Silicone Adhesives For more than 50 years, more than 2,000 organic silicone products have been developed abroad, and about 1,000 are commonly used. But mainly used as adhesives are room temperature curing silicone rubber (RTV) and low temperature curing silicone rubber (LTV). Their uses are roughly classified as follows.
(1) Adhesive bonding and sealing of components.
(2) Coating temperature, dust, ozone and ultraviolet rays.
(3) Potting Sealing against moisture, dust, corona and arc discharge, shock absorption and buffering.
RTV silicone rubber can be divided into two types of single component and double component according to the formation, and can be divided into two types of condensation type and addition molding according to the curing reaction.
The curing speed of the condensation type (especially the single-component type) is related to the concentration and temperature of the moisture in the air, and heating alone cannot accelerate the curing. Among the condensation-type silicone rubbers, the ones used for electronic gas components are mainly dealcoholized and deacetone. The deoxime type emits condensation reaction products during curing.

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