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Similar of Silres 604 Solid Silicone Resins for Excellent High-Temperature Performance

Dec 18, 2023

Product Name: Silicone Resin Intermediate
Item No.: SilibaseSR-6042

Performance and purpose
SilibaseSR-6042 is an intermediate of methyl phenyl silicone resin containing silicon hydroxyl, with good compatibility and high reactivity. It can be mixed with acrylic acid, polyester and epoxy and participate in the crosslinking and curing reaction; The introduction of silicone intermediates through compounding or polymerization modification can significantly improve the weather resistance of the organic resin, especially the resistance to pulverization and cracking, and endow the outdoor industrial paint with excellent light and color retention; The introduction of organosilicon intermediates through compounding or polymerization modification can also significantly improve the heat resistance of organic resin. For example, the introduction of 30% organosilicon intermediates can improve the continuous heat resistance of organic resin to 300-350 ; The silicone resin is sold as a solid in the middle, and can also be directly or compounded in heat-resistant and weather resistant powder coatings.




Test method


Colorless to light yellow, transparent, solid


Volatile matter (150 , 1H)



Softening point ()



Solubility in toluene (1:1)

Clear and transparent


Soluble in toluene and also in xylene

Recommended applications
1. Widely used in the powder coating industry, participating in the crosslinking and curing reactions of polyester, epoxy, and acrylic acids, improving the heat resistance and weather resistance of coatings, and having a smaller impact on the repainting performance of coatings than other solid silicone resins;
2. Widely used in heat-resistant industrial coatings, it can generally be directly added through compounding. Different addition ratios have the most critical impact on temperature resistance performance, and it is generally recommended to introduce an amount of 15% (calculated based on effective solid content); If introduced through polymerization and grafting, it can further provide more balanced performance;
3. Widely used weather resistant polysiloxane coatings, combined with organic resins, endow the coatings with both weather resistance and salt spray resistance, meeting the standards of "HG/T 4755-2014 Polysiloxane Coatings";

As sole binder, SILRES® 604 can be combined with suitable fillers and pigments to produce powder coatings whose performance is not significantly affected by temperatures up to around 600 °C.
Furthermore, the product can be used together with organic resins to formulate powder coatings that display considerably enhanced weatherability compared to purely organic binder systems.
The combination of SILRES® 604 with organic resins – especially polyester and epoxides – results in powder coatings with long-term thermal stability up to around 250 °C, and short-term even up to 300 °C. In this temperature range, white coatings containing SILRES® 604 powder resin as binder are less likely to yellow than comparable powder coatings without silicone resin.

Packaging and storage
Generally, it is packaged in 50kg and 25kg plastic lined paper barrels, sealed and stored in a cool and dry environment at 5-25 . The corresponding shelf life is generally 12 months from the date of production (it can still be used after passing the expiration analysis).

Construction reference
When using this product in combination, it can be directly added or dissolved in a solvent before being added to an organic resin to prepare a coating; When using grafting modification, the reaction process should be tested using glass sheet testing method to ensure sufficient grafting; When used as powder coating, the general powder coating operation process can be followed.

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