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Silicone Surfactants for Coating

Feb 12, 2014

As shown above, by adjusting the polarity it is possible to synthesize silicone additives which are compatible with aqueous coating systems. However, oftentimes it is observed, that the efficiency of such additives is not sufficient, especially when wetting of low energetic substrates (plastics) is concerned. The water content in these coating systems creates a relatively high surface tension
(higher than in solvent-based coatings) which is reduced by the silicone additives, but oftentimes is still too high for good wetting. For such cases a special class of silicone additives was created: silicone surfactants. Chemically these additives also are polyether modified siloxanes, but their molecular weight is much lower, resulting in a pronounced surfactant-like structure. Due to this structure these additives strongly reduce the surface tension in aqueous systems; they are nearly as active as fluoro surfactants. Compared to the fluoro surfactants the silicone surfactants, however, have one important advantage: foam stabilization by silicone surfactants is nearly absent, whereas fluoro surfactants are not always unproblematic in this respect.

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