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Silicone Elastomers in Cosmetics and the Application of Silicones in Cosmetics

Aug 6, 2021

Silicone elastomer gel is an additive that can ensure the long-lasting effect of cosmetics and make the skin feel comfortable and soft. It can also be used in hair styling copolymers, silicone polishes, and high-efficiency silicone defoamers and softeners.According to the introduction, this unique silicone elastomer has excellent spreadability, instant film formation and adhesion. The use of this silicone elastomer in skin care and sunscreen products can help the product form a firm and smooth elastic film that can adhere well to the skin. Since this elastomer gel has instant film-forming properties and excellent adhesion, it can effectively enhance the water resistance and transfer resistance of the product, thereby maintaining the makeup effect for a long time.
The organic silicon components involved in cosmetics generally have the functions of emollient, moisturizing, and ultraviolet protection. Commonly used are silicone oil emulsions, silicone oil emulsions containing functional groups, and phenyl silicone oil emulsions.

The silicone you gave
Silicone has unique properties such as compatibility with the skin, good compatibility with the substrate, good hydrophobicity and air permeability, resistance to chemical media, and moist but not greasy, making it widely used in skin care products, hair care products, baby products, Beauty cosmetics and almost all cosmetics such as antiperspirant, deodorant and sunscreen products for body use have become a multifunctional component in cosmetics. On the basis of retaining its original properties, cosmetics containing silicone can greatly enhance their lubricity, breathability, softness, antistatic, film-forming, smoothness, mildew resistance, antifouling, radiation resistance, etc. The surface or the coated area remains for a long time. In addition, it can also be used in the manufacture of cosmetics to eliminate mixed air and unnecessary bubbles, making the cosmetics rich in smoothness and softness. As a new cosmetic component, organic silicon will play an immeasurable role in improving the quality of cosmetics, improving the performance and developing new products by taking advantage of its uniqueness, and it can double the value of cosmetics.
Among them, polyether type silicone surfactants are the main ones. The combined structure of polysiloxane segment (A) and polyether segment (B) includes block AB type, block ABA or BAB type, block (AB ) 5 types: n-type, branch-chain type and side-chain type. There are two ways to connect the polyether segment and the siloxane segment, namely the Si-oC type and the .S-C type. The former is unstable and belongs to the hydrolyzed type, and the latter is stable to water and is called non-hydrolyzed. Type, currently used is polyether silicone. The use of polyether silicone oil has the characteristics of water solubility, emulsification, surface activity and physiological inertness. When it is mixed into personal protection, it can be made colorless, odorless and harmful to the human body. Skin care products that are non-irritating and do not affect the normal breathing and sweating of the skin. It can also reduce the surface tension of cosmetics, which is conducive to spreading on the skin and hair. It has moisturizing and retention properties. It can absorb and sweat skin care products. Decrease the surface tension of cosmetics, help spread on the skin and hair, have moisturizing and retention properties, give hair luster, antistatic, and have good bacteria inhibition. It is an excellent cosmetic auxiliary, and its effect is becoming more and more prominent. , Has become a fast-developing product that is worthy of attention.

The surface activity of the modified polysiloxane in the water phase or the oil phase depends on the type and quantity of the modified group. Oil-soluble polysiloxane can improve the diffusion capacity of oil and paraffin, and can be directly applied to the formulation of cosmetics and skin care products: the modified hydrophilic polysiloxane is mainly used in the formulation of shampoos and foam solutions. In addition to the above-mentioned silicone surfactants, people chain alkyl modified polysiloxane, polysiloxane sulfonic acid, polysiloxane thiosulfate and aminosiloxane have also been used in cosmetics. The role of polysiloxane surfactants in daily cosmetics has become more and more prominent, and has become a fast-developing product that deserves attention. Cationic, anionic or non-ionic silicone microemulsion Y can be used to produce cosmetics.

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