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Product Performance of High Methyl Hydrogen Silicone Fluid

Jan 14, 2014

Product Performance
As the molecule contains a lively and Si-H bond, it can participate in a variety of chemical reactions, has a good film-forming properties;
It is alkali or Lewis acid in the presence of such substances, with the HO or R-OH reactions and emit the H2;
In the presence of platinum chromium compounds easily react with the vinyl compound;
When T> 50 ℃, it can with the epoxy group-containing compounds reaction;
Its heat-resistant than dimethyl silicone oil, but its water-repellent moisture-proof and anti-sticking properties such as dimethyl silicone oil than good;
Catalytic role in the metal salts, it can be cross-linked at low temperatures in a variety of material that is able to form a hydrophobic film surface.

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