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Preliminary Study on Application of Silicone Oil Stabilizer

Sep 29, 2020

At present, the silicone oil emulsion used in the textile printing and dyeing industry is very extensive, and the amount of use is also very large. Roughly speaking, the most mainstream silicone oil emulsions are divided into two categories:
1. Ordinary amino silicone oil emulsion
       This category is currently mainly reflected in ice-feeling silicone oil, smooth silicone oil, smooth silicone oil, soft silicone oil, etc. It is mainly used on cotton and cotton blended stretch fabrics after cellulase polishing, including mercerized fabrics. The hand feel is characterized by very smooth. This type of silicone oil emulsion is generally used in setting machines, and basically cannot be used in dyeing vats, and its shear stability is very poor.
2. Block silicone oil emulsion
       It is also called multi-component copolymer silicone oil. Its main feature is that it can be stably dispersed without or only a small amount of emulsifier. It has much better stability than ordinary amino silicone oil. It is not easy to demulsify and float oil. It is mainly reflected in softness. In terms of fluffy finishing style, this type of silicone oil is difficult to achieve the smooth feel of ordinary amino silicone oil. The shear stability of block silicone oil emulsion is much better than that of the previous type of silicone oil. Generally speaking, demulsification and bleaching oil are rarely seen in the use of setting machines, and some of them have good stability and can be used in dyeing vats.
       The above two types of silicone oil emulsions all involve stability issues. A silicone oil product with poor stability, even if it has a very good hand feeling, is difficult to promote and apply. A silicone oil emulsion with excellent stability should be able to be used both in high-shear dyeing vats and in setting machines without demulsification or oil bleaching. However, most of our auxiliaries companies do not have dye vats or setting machines in their laboratories, and do not have the conditions to conduct tests that are completely consistent with the actual production of the dyeing factory. Only some simulation test methods that can be carried out in the laboratory can be used. The stability of silicone oil is largely detected.
       In summary, the stability test of silicone oil emulsion is generally: acid resistance stability, alkali resistance stability, alkali resistance and high temperature stability, electrolyte resistance stability, high temperature resistance stability, shear resistance stability, resistance to different ionic additives Stability in the same bath. It is difficult to have a silicone oil on the market that can meet these stringent requirements at the same time. It has both excellent hand feeling and cost-effectiveness and excellent stability. For this reason, we have specially developed a series of silicone oil stabilizing additives, which can greatly improve various Stability of silicone oil emulsion.

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