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Modified Silicone Resin Acrylic Resin

Jun 7, 2023

Organic silicon is a synthetic material of organic polymers containing silicon elements in the main chain of molecules, because its structure contains high bond energy Si-0 bonds (bond energy up to 425kJ/mol), which are much greater than the bond energy of C-C (375kJ/mol) and C-0 (35lkJ/mol) in acrylic monomers, making organic silicon highly flexible, good high and low temperature resistance, stability, and antioxidant properties; Moreover, due to its low surface tension and large molecular volume, organosiloxanes have excellent weather resistance, less adhesion to water and other pollutants, good breathability, and excellent hydrophobicity.

But it also has some drawbacks. Due to the low cohesive energy and density of organosiloxanes, their strength is low, and they have poor adhesion to metals, rubber, and plastics, poor mechanical strength, high curing temperature (150-250 ° C), and high prices, which limit the widespread application of organosiloxanes. If organic silicon is used to modify acrylate polymers, introducing organic silicon monomers into the main or side chains of acrylate polymers can combine two types of compounds with significantly different polarities, namely organic silicon and acrylate, to make up for their performance shortcomings. By fully utilizing the advantages of both, a modified product with both excellent properties can be obtained, which is of great significance in theoretical research and practical applications.

Acrylate polymers have saturated C-C bonds as the main chain and polar carboxylic ester groups on the side chains, endowing them with many excellent properties and excellent film-forming properties. The resulting film is transparent, flexible, and elastic, and has good weather resistance, light resistance, oil resistance, and adhesion to polar and non-polar surfaces. Therefore, acrylic cool polymers are widely used. However, due to its generally chain like linear structure, it belongs to thermoplastic materials and is extremely sensitive to temperature, resulting in the phenomenon of "hot adhesion and cold brittleness". It has disadvantages such as poor water resistance, poor moisture permeability, poor stain resistance, easy softening at high temperatures, and easy brittleness at low temperatures. In addition, the film made of acrylic ester is not resistant to the action of organic solvents, and will undergo swelling under the action of organic solvents, which restricts its further development.

Organosilicon polymer is a new type of highly functional polymer material. Among them, siloxane takes the Si-0 Si bond as the skeleton and combines organic groups on the silicon atom. It has the characteristics of both inorganic and organic compounds, with a bond energy of up to 425kJ/mol, which is much greater than the C-C bond energy (345k]/mol) and C-0 bond energy (35lkJ/moi). The Si-0 Si bond angle is 143 ° ', and there are d and p bonds between the Si-0 bonds. These special structures make it resistant to thermal decomposition and oxidation. The organic silicon polymers used are mostly organic polysiloxanes, with repeated Si-0 bonds as the main chain and different organic groups as the side groups. Different side groups can endow organic silicon polymer macromolecules with different properties, such as introducing long chain burning groups, which can improve hydrophobicity; Introducing vinyl can achieve peroxide initiated crosslinking polymerization; Introduce reactive sites for modification. However, the higher cost and lower strength limit its application, so combining two types of polymers with significantly different polarities, silicone and acrylate, can yield new functional materials that have both excellent properties.

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