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Coating Silicone Resin has a Wide Range of uses in the Electronics Industry

Aug 12, 2022

As mentioned above, silicone resin has excellent thermal oxidation stability, cold resistance, weather resistance, electrical insulation, water repellency, anti-sticking and mold release properties. According to this, silicone resin is widely used as high and low temperature resistant insulating paint (including varnish, colored paint, enamel, etc.), such as impregnating H-class electrical and electronic coils for filling and insulation, impregnating glass cloth, glass wool and asbestos cloth, To make motor insulation sleeves and electrical insulation winding wires, etc.; bond mica powder or fragments to make mica plates for main insulation of high-voltage motors, mica tubes and mica shaped materials, etc.; bond glass cloth to make laminates and electronic appliances, Protective materials used for parts and the whole machine for moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, anti-salt spray, etc.; as a base material for special coatings, used to prepare heat-resistant coatings, weather-resistant coatings, wear-resistant hardening coatings, mold release and anti-stick coatings, and Ablative coatings and waterproof coatings, etc.; as a base material or main raw material for the preparation of moisture-resistant adhesives and pressure-sensitive adhesives, etc.; as a base polymer for the preparation of high, low temperature, electrical insulation molding compounds, and electronic component housing packages Sealing materials and sponge-like products.

In addition, this semi-inorganic and semi-organic polymer compound exhibits a spiral structure in space, which determines that it has many excellent properties: lubricity, hydrophobicity, physiological inertness, resistance to ultraviolet radiation and compatibility(0] And so on, it is possible to improve the performance of cosmetics.

Electrical insulating paint
The volume, quality and service life of electrical appliances are largely determined by the performance of the electrical insulating paint materials used. Generally speaking, the higher the heat resistance of the insulating material and the stronger the electrical insulation, under the same power conditions, the smaller the volume of the electrical appliances can be made, the lighter the weight (mainly saving metal materials) and the longer the service life. Insulating materials are usually made of insulating paint and organic materials (such as paper, cloth, aramid non-woven fabric, polyimide film and polyester film, etc.) or inorganic materials (such as glass cloth, asbestos cloth, mica, etc.). An electrical insulating material made of pure silicone resin and inorganic materials can be used for a long time at 180°C. If siloxane modified organic resin (such as siloxane modified alkyd resin) is used, F can be obtained Class (155"C) insulation material.

The electrical and electrical industry requires the use of multiple types of electrical insulating paint, including coil impregnating paint, glass cloth impregnating paint, silicone paint for glass cloth laminates, mica bonding insulating paint, and silicone paint for electronic and electrical protection.
(1) Coil impregnating varnish is known, using silicon varnished glass cloth, silicon varnished mica glass tape and heat-resistant organic film as insulation materials for electrical and electronic coils, assemblies or complete machines, and finally must be impregnated with silicon varnish and heated It is cured into a strong and sealed H-class heat-resistant, insulating, and moisture-proof paint film to meet application requirements.

(2) Glass cloth and casing dipping varnish. Glass cloth and casing dipping varnish are the softest varnishes in the silicone paint. Varnished glass cloth and glass cloth bushings made of it are widely used as coils in motors, dry-type transformers and household appliances.

Packing materials and high-temperature components, especially the insulating and moisture-proof protective covers of electrical wiring, will gradually lose their elasticity after being heated for a long time at high temperature. This type of silicone paint has both the flexibility of rubber and the flame retardancy of resin.

(3) Silicone varnish organic silicon glass cloth laminates for glass cloth laminates are widely used for slot wedge insulation of H-transfer motors, wiring boards, instrument panels, insulation boards, radomes, transformer bushings, high-frequency and waveguide engineering, and The microwave baffle of microwave cookware can also be used as other heat-resistant insulating materials.

(4) Mica bonding insulating varnish is resistant to high-temperature electrical insulation. Natural mica flakes have many industrial uses. Mica products bonded with silicone resin can also be divided into two types: soft and hard. Hard mica products include mica boards for modeling, mica boards for rectifiers, mica boards for electric heater support, and flexible mica boards. Soft products mainly include windable glass mica tape and refractory tape, ribbon or soft sheet products. Therefore, mica adhesives of different composition and R/Si must be provided to meet practical needs. Among them, the largest amount is low R/Si value silicone paint, special electric mica board. Because of their excellent heat resistance (which can be used for a long time at 500~700C), they are widely used as nickel-chromium heating wire support plates in hair dryers, heating pans, irons, and toasters, as well as insulation and heat protection for high-temperature machines. Panels and electronic stove partitions, etc.

(5) Electronic component protective coating silicone resin has a wide range of uses in the electronics industry. In semiconductor components, chips and contacts are extremely sensitive to impurities, dust and moisture. It is necessary to use semiconductor contact coating (JCR) for purification and protection in time, otherwise deviation and instability will occur.

Silicone resin has excellent properties such as heat resistance, plug resistance, weather resistance, and water repellency. In addition, a colorless and transparent coating with good adhesion and wear resistance can be obtained. Therefore, it occupies an important position in the special coating industry.

(1) The high temperature resistant coating is made of silicone resin as the base material, adding heat resistant pigments (including coloring pigments and extender pigments), solvents, curing agents and additives to form high temperature resistant coatings, which can be used for a long time at 250~400"C Use, and maintain its color and luster. If mixed with aluminum powder, glass powder, black iron oxide powder, chromium oxide, etc., it can withstand temperatures of 500~600C or even higher. These coatings also have low temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. It has been widely used in high-temperature parts and equipment in petrochemical plants, metallurgical steel plants, power plants, etc., public and household boilers, aircraft and automobile engine shells, missiles and spacecraft, etc. And the parts and occasions where anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation are required.

Silicone resins used as base materials for heat-resistant coatings, in addition to pure silicone resins, silicone resins modified by organic resins (such as phenolic, epoxy, alkyd, polyester and acrylic resins, etc.) have also been widely used. -Generally speaking, the latter is not as good as silicone resin in terms of heat resistance, but it is worse than pure silicone resin in terms of solvent resistance, chemical resistance and adhesion.

(2) Weather-resistant coatings As there are no unsaturated bonds in the silicone resin molecules, ultraviolet rays are not easy to crack or crosslink.

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