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Classification of Waterproof Coatings

Sep 22, 2020

There are many types of water materials, which are divided into 4 categories according to their main raw materials: ①Asphalt waterproof materials. Using natural asphalt, petroleum asphalt and coal tar pitch as the main raw materials, the asphalt felt, paper tire asphalt felt, solvent-based and water-emulsion asphalt or asphalt rubber coatings and ointments are made with good cohesiveness, plasticity, Water resistance, corrosion resistance and durability. ②Rubber plastic waterproof materials. Using neoprene, butyl rubber, EPDM, polyvinyl chloride, polyisobutylene, polyurethane and other raw materials, it can be made into elastic tireless waterproof membranes, waterproof films, waterproof coatings, coating materials, ointments, and mortars , Waterstop and other sealing materials have the characteristics of high tensile strength, large elasticity and elongation, good adhesion, water resistance and weather resistance, etc., can be used cold and have a long service life. ③Cement waterproof material. The admixture that has the effect of accelerating and densifying cement, such as waterproofing agent, air entraining agent and expansion agent, can enhance the hydrophobicity and impermeability of cement mortar and concrete; accelerating agent configured with cement and sodium silicate as base material Mortar can be used for plugging and waterproofing underground works. ④Metal waterproof material. Thin steel plates, galvanized steel plates, profiled steel plates, coated steel plates, etc. can be directly used as roof panels for waterproofing. Thin steel plates are used for metal waterproofing in basements or underground structures. Thin copper plates, thin aluminum plates, and stainless steel plates can be made into waterstops for deformation joints in buildings. The joints of the metal waterproof layer should be welded and painted with anti-rust protective paint.
Waterproof coatings are divided into four categories: rigid mortar, flexible mortar, acrylic, and one-component polyurethane.
According to the material properties, there are three main types of waterproof materials:
1. Waterproof coiled material, mainly used for engineering construction, such as roofs, exterior walls, basements, etc.;
2. 911 polyurethane waterproof material contains volatile poisonous gas, construction requirements are strict, and the cost is expensive;
3. A new type of polymer cement-based waterproof material. The material is composed of organic polymer liquid materials and inorganic powder materials. It combines the characteristics of high elasticity of organic materials and good durability of inorganic materials. After coating, it forms a strong and tough waterproof film. This new type of material can be perfectly integrated with the cement base surface and will not delaminate for a long time. It is a common choice for household waterproofing.

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