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Classification of Silicone Resins-According to the Shape of the Product

Mar 20, 2023

Silicone resin is called prepolymerized silicone resin (or called silicone resin prepolymer) before it is cured. The pre-polysilicone resin is based on the halo content of the trifunctional chain (T unit) or tetrafunctional chain (Q unit), the type of substituent (R), the R/Si ratio and the number of reactive functional groups (OH, OMe, OEt , Vi, H, etc.), there are original liquid (also known as solvent-free resin), solid or solvent type, water-based type, emulsion type, etc. in which the solid resin is dissolved in a solvent.

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CD solvent type is composed of silicone resin dissolved in solvents such as toluene and xylene, so its viscosity is very low, and it has good workability in general coating and dipping. The viscosity and concentration can be freely adjusted when diluted, and powders such as fillers and pigments can be easily mixed and dispersed, which are the most common forms of paint base materials. However, if the resin layer is too thick, it will foam, or pollute the work environment, or there is a risk of fire and explosion, so the operator must pay full attention to the ventilation of the work site. Although it has been proposed to develop aqueous solution and emulsion paint due to problems such as air pollution, such calls have gradually declined recently. Containing Si-OH groups, organic silicon modified intermediates, paint fillers, base materials for heat-resistant paints, now used as paints and dipping varnishes.

Among solvent-free paints, those that are solid at room temperature are called solid resins, and those that are liquid are called solvent-free paints. In order to make it into a liquid state, it can be made into a low molecular weight or a straight chain structure, and a small polar reactive group (such as a vinyl group and a hydrogen group, etc.) is introduced on the side chain, and a ternary structure is formed by addition reaction. If the low-molecularized substance is still cured alone, the physical and mechanical properties will be reduced, so high-molecular siloxane crosslinking agents can be used, or organic resins and modified intermediates can be used. There are few functional groups in low molecular siloxane, and there are some substances with vapor pressure at room temperature. If these substances remain in the cured resin, they will slowly evaporate during use and adhere to the surrounding electrical contacts, causing The so-called absolute failure, this must be paid attention to. Although solvent-free paint does not pollute the working environment and has no foaming problem, its viscosity is about 10 times that of solution-based paint, so its working conditions are subject to certain restrictions. Generally, it contains Si-OR, silicone-modified intermediate It is now used as a sealant for coil impregnation, casing varnish and voltage part ends.

1.Solid resin is a transparent and brittle solid with a softening point of about 60~80°C. It is used as a base material for powder coatings, a modifier for molding materials, and a matrix resin for molding materials.

2.There is also an emulsion-type and solution-type water-soluble paint, which is safe to use, such as the aqueous solution of alkaline silicon alkoxide for water repellent at room temperature, and the aqueous solution of polyol and acrylic resin modified silicone paint, etc., but the latter Not used much in Japan. The reason may be that the latent heat of evaporation of water is large, the required energy consumption is large, and there are problems in the water resistance and heat resistance of the coating film. Now used as paint, water repellent, etc.

According to the size of molecular molar mass, it can be divided into two types: low molar mass and high molar mass.
Therefore, silicone resin can also be divided into several categories according to its main use, such as silicone insulating varnish, silicone coating, silicone plastic and silicone adhesive.

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