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Chinese factory produce Good compatibility Silicone Emulsion

May 15, 2024

Product Name: Silicone Emulsion
Item No.: SilibaseSEZ-0009

Product Introduction
China Silicone Supply Good Stability Silicone Emulsion.SilibaseSEZ-0009 It has good spreading, waterproofing, and durability, suitable for automotive paint surfaces, glass and other substrates, providing better surface protection and improving surface lubrication. Good compatibility, suitable for use in water-based formulations and surfactant systems.SilibaseSEZ-0009 It is a kind of water coating agent for special modified organosilicon macromolecule oligomer lotion, which can form a good hydrophobic film on the surface, thus achieving excellent hydrophobic effect and accelerating the drop of water.

Has good spreading, waterproofing, and durability;
Can enhance the lubrication effect of hard surfaces;
Can be added to surfactant systems for use, with good stability.
Free of APEO, NPEO and other substances, more environmentally friendly;
Has excellent hydrophobicity, especially in automotive paint and glass, it accelerates the sliding of water droplets and leaves no water marks;
Good compatibility, stable system products, convenient application, can be used after simple dilution, good stability of aqueous solution, suitable for use in water-based formulations;

Physical Characteristics
appearance:Slightly yellow to yellow transparent liquid
PH value:5.0~7.0
Viscosity (25 ℃):20~2000mpa.s
Ionicity:Weak cation
Water solubility:Soluble in any ratio to water

SilibaseSEZ-0009 It is a special modified organosilicon polymer oligomer water-based coating agent that can be used for water-based crystal plating treatment of building door and window glass, motor vehicle windshield, motor vehicle paint surface, etc. Due to its high concentration, it is not recommended to use directly. It can be flexibly adjusted according to specific performance requirements.

Precautions for Use
1.SilibaseSEZ-0009 For concentrated products, it is recommended to use a dosage of 0.1-2%:
2.SilibaseSEZ-0009 For weak cationic properties, it is recommended to first test the compatibility performance with the system to be added:
3.SilibaseSEZ-0009 When used above 5℃, attention should be paid to insulation during storage and transportation.

Operation and Storage
Products can generally be stored at room temperature for 24 months or more, and may fail if exposed to extreme cold environments for a long time; To ensure product quality, it is necessary to avoid long-term exposure to extreme cold environments. Insulation facilities should be properly installed during transportation and storage; At the same time, the container should be used up as soon as possible after opening, and the container should be tightly closed when not in use.

Product Safety
When considering using any product from SILIBASE SILICONE, please refer to the latest Material Safety Application Manual (MSDS) of the product before use to ensure your safety. You can contact SILIBASE SILICONE nearby and request the material safety application manual and other relevant safety information for this product. Before using any products mentioned in the article, please obtain relevant product safety information in advance and take necessary safety measures to ensure the safety of use.

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