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Chinese Factory Supply Replacement Product for Wacker BELSIL TMS 803 Silicone Resin

Mar 13, 2024

Product Name: Silicone Resin
Item No.: SilibaseMQSR-0803
INCI NAME: Trimethylsiloxysilicate
CAS No.: 68988-56-7

SilibaseMQSR-0803 silicone resin is a kind of si-o based solid (nonlinearity) new style silicone material, structural formula as follows:
[(CH3)3SiO1/2]a[SiO4/2]b, in which [(CH3)3SiO1/2] is called M and [SiO4/2] is called Q, which can be seen as a three-dimensional net work of polysilic acid units, end blocked with trimethylsiyl groups. Some residual ethoxy and hydroxy functions are present. SilibaseMQSR-0803 is a white powder manufactured in such a way that it is substantially free of aromatic solvents such as toluene. In keeping with its low content of fine dust particles and its uniform particles. SilibaseMQSR-0803 exhibits excellent rheological properties(flowability). SilibaseMQSR-0803 can be compounded with polydimethylsiloxanes.

China Equivalent Wacker BELSIL® TMS 803 Silicone Resin With Excellent Water-Resistant.
This highly cross-linked silicone resin is primarily used for its film-forming attributes.
In sunscreen, skincare and color cosmetic applications, the Trimethylsiloxysilicate SilibaseMQSR-0803 is an excellent water-resistant additive and helps to hold pigments in place. It prevents agglomeration and maintains free-flowing characteristics in loose-powder products.
In haircare compositions, the silicone resin provides volume and body, while imparting humidity resistance to the hair.
Good additive of Silicone defoamer and mold agent.
Cosmetics: Nail polish, skin care, Sun Care, lip make-up, Make up foundation.
Additives for silicone rubber.

Product Specifications
Appearance:white powder
Solid content:≥97%
Softening point:160-260℃

150kgs metal drums

Storage: Store in cool and dry place. Keep away from strong light and heat.
Shelf life: 2 years when properly stored.

Conform to the standard of SILIBASE SILICONE

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