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Chinese Factory Solvent Free Silicone Insulation IMPREGNATING RESIN

Sep 19, 2023

Product Name: Silicone Resin
Item No.: SilibaseSR-9862C

• Ready-to-use, solvent-free
• Addition-curing, one-component phenyl silicone resin
• Very low content of volatile organic compounds (VOC)
• Physiologically inert
• Should be processed at max 80°C and is usually cured between 170°C – 200°C
• Cures without byproducts
• Long-lasting and thermally stable
• Once completely cured, fulfills all insulation class H and C requirements

SilibaseSR-9862C is used for impregnation in a wide range of industries and applications, including:
• Traction motors for
– The railway industry (e.g., high- speed trains, subways, tramways)
– Ships
– Heavy duty vehicles
– Mining vehicles
• Electric drives for
– Passenger cars
– Buses
– Agricultural machinery
• Smoke-extraction motors
• Generators and turbines

SILIBASE SILICONE has developed SilibaseSR-9862C the high-performance silicone resin especially for impregnating the windings of electrical motors. Applied by vacuum pressure impregnation, it reliably protects the windings against moisture by completely filling the spaces and coating the surfaces. The liquid silicone resin is free of solvents and reactive diluents. When cured, it meets all the requirements of insulation classes H and C.

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