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China Silicone Supply Analogue for SILRES POWDER D Water Repellent Powder

Mar 1, 2024

Product Name: Water Repellent Powder
Item No.: SilibaseWR-Powder D
Competitive Product in the Market: SILRES® POWDER D

Product Description
Chinese factory produce Replacement product for SILRES® POWDER D Silane Water Repellent.SilibaseWR-Powder D is a kind of highly efficient, redispersibler water repellent based on modified silanes / siloxanes in powder form. It acts as outstanding water repellency even at very low concentrations.
SilibaseWR-Powder D contains a fine mineral filler as antiblocking agent.
SilibaseWR-Powder D acts as outstanding water repellent even at very low concentrations without affecting the water vapour permeability.
SilibaseWR-Powder D is a water-redispersible silicone water-repellent in powder form and used as a highly efficient additive.

PhReduce efflorescence on CTG & stuccoysical Specification
Appearance:White powder
Active Content:>40%
Bulk density:300~500 g/L
Moisture content:<2%

Properties / Benefits
SilibaseWR-Powder D is highly efficient Silane Water Repellent Similar to SILRES® POWDER D .
Except excellent water repellency, SilibaseWR-Powder D also provides benefits:
Very low mixing dust
Reduce water absorption
Long-lasting effectiveness
Reduced susceptibility to dirt
Compatibility with other additives
Excellent lotus effect, hydrophobicity
Stability in alkaline circumstance
Reduce efflorescence on CTG & stucco
Very easy to redisperse in water with no wetting delay
Redispersible technology i.e. excellent mixability with water
Based on highly efficient silicones
Produced without the use of organic solvents

Good water repellent performance of SILRES® POWDER D Water Repellent Powder.
It may be used in a variety of waterproof cement and gypsum based drymix mortars applications as follows:
Stucco and plasters
Base coat mortar
Repair mortar
Waterproof mortar
Sealing slurries
Powder Coatings
Tile grouts and joint fillers
Powder Paints
Mineral Renders & Plasters

Dosage and Handling
SilibaseWR-Powder D is added to other powdery components and mix to get a homogenous formulation.
The dosage may vary from 0.1%-0.5% of the total dry material by weight. The actual required dosage should be evaluated in suitable tests prior to final application.

20kg/bag: multiply paper or plastic woven bag with polyethylene interlayer.
Further information is available on request

SilibaseWR-Powder D may be stored under dry condition out of direct sunlight. The shelf life is 12 months when goods stored temperature below 35℃ in the original sealed containers from the date of manufacture.

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