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China Produce PMS Potassium Methyl Siliconate As Water Repellent For Construction Materials

Sep 19, 2023

Methylsiliconates (PMS)
SilibasePMS-1652 is an aqueous solution of potassium methyl siliconate and SilibasePMS-1652 PMS water repellent is used in diluted form for the hydrophobic impregnation of mineral construction materials to make them water-repellent.
SilibasePMS-1652 develops its water-repellent properties by reaction with atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2). The active substance formed from the silicone masonry water repellent is polymethylsilicic acid.
As with all siliconates, however, SilibasePMS-1652 can cause a white deposit on the surface of colored construction materials, or if used outside the application guidelines.

SilibasePMS-1652 imparts water repellency to:
• low-fired clay products immediately after they have been made: e. g. roof tiles, facing bricks, floor tiles, flower  pots
• aerated concrete
• gypsum and gypsum-based fiber boards
• light fillers, such as perlite, vermiculites and aerated concrete granules
• insulating materials

Application details

Diluted with water SilibasePMS-1652 is used for hydrophobic impregnating the surface of masonry materials when a suitable means of achieving an adequate, uniform coating, e. g. dipping, is available. Twofold application is not recommended. SilibasePMS-1652 is not recommended for treating the outside walls of buildings since the necessarily uneven application will give rise to white spots.

SilibasePMS-1652 is supplied as a concentrate and is diluted with water before use. Ordinary tap water may be used. It is best to add the SilibaseEPMS-1652 masonry water repellent to the water under vigorous stirring. Preliminary tests are always required for the determination of the correct dilution ratio.

• Boards & Panels
• Construction Materials
• Gypsum Wallboards and Gypsum Fiberboards
• Hydrophobic Impregnation
• Pre-Impregnation of Construction Materials

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