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Application and Selection of Defoamers for Water-based Coatings.

Aug 9, 2022

Application and selection of defoamers for water-based coatings. The water-based paint defoamer is a composite product of organic polyether ester, mineral oil, and alcohol. It will not produce surface defects or affect the film-forming properties, and has a special effect on the water-based paint system.

product manual
Using water instead of organic thorns to prepare paint is safe, inexpensive and hygienic. After the emergence of synthetic resins, water-based coatings developed rapidly. Water-based coatings not only replace vegetable oils with synthetic materials to improve coating performance, but also solve the harm caused by solvent gases in coating construction. In addition, due to the oil crisis, prevention of environmental pollution, and attention to ecological protection, the rapid development of water-based coatings has been further promoted. Water-based paint is a system that is prone to foaming.

Cause of blistering
There are two types of water-based paints, emulsion paints and water-soluble paints. There are three main types of paints: vinyl acetate type, styrene butadiene type and acrylic type, all of which are made by adding pigment slurry to the latex after emulsion polymerization. . In the process of mixing and blending, it tends to foam violently. Foaming causes volume expansion, which reduces the utilization rate of the blending equipment. Foaming limits the mixing speed, prolongs the mixing time, and also makes the pigments and fillers unable to fully wet; after mixing, it can be injected into the packaging barrel. The continuous injection production line is injected by volume instead of weight, and foaming The bucket cannot be filled, and because the foam is gradually bursting, the weight injected into the bucket will be uneven, which will interfere with continuous packaging; in the use of latex paint, the foam will cause surface defects, such as cavities on the coating film, that is, The air bubbles do not burst until the coating is dried and formed into a film, causing small holes or fish eyes to appear on the coating film.

Use process
It is practically impossible to avoid foaming in the production of water-based coatings, so defoaming measures must be taken. As mentioned earlier, there are foaming problems in multiple processes in the production and use of water-based coatings. The use of mechanical defoaming methods will inevitably require a set of equipment for each sequence. Therefore, the defoaming of water-based paints is done by adding defoamers. In fact, all water-based paints contain defoamers. For paints that are colored or need to be colored, when choosing a defoamer, consider surface active substances such as emulsifiers in the defoamer.

Water-based paint defoamers are used in water-based paints, inks, inks, varnishes, leather edge oils, paper coatings, laminating adhesives, latex paints, adhesives, polyvinyl alcohol, and other silicone defoamers that cannot be used The system can be added directly to the stock solution, or in batches. Add half of it in the grinding stage to suppress the generation of foam, and then add the other half in the paint let-down stage.
1. Especially suitable for water-based coating systems;
2. It can prevent micro-bubbles and large bubbles;
3. High defoaming efficiency;
4. High compatibility;
5. Suitable for varnish and color paint;
6. It can be used for airless spraying formula.

The water-based paint defoamer is a composite product of organic polyether ester, mineral oil, and alcohol, refined through a special process. It has the properties of self-emulsification, easy dispersion, strong versatility, good defoaming, and lasting foam suppression. It will not produce surface defects or affect film-forming properties, and has a special effect on water-based coating systems.

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