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Agricultural silicone oil spreader and penetrant

Apr 10, 2020

Silibase spreading agent and penetrating agent have extremely low surface tension, good spreadability, permeability and emulsifying and dispersing properties, and are a new type of highly efficient coating additives. It is easily soluble in methanol, isopropanol, acetone, xylene and methylene chloride, etc., can be dispersed in water, and can be used as a water-based, oil-based, solvent-free system ink, ink leveling dispersion spreading agent.
Physical characteristics:
Appearance: colorless to light amber transparent oily liquid
Viscosity (25 ℃) cs: 20 ~ 65
Density (25 ℃) g / cm3: 1.00 ~ 1.05
Cloud point (25 ℃ 1% aqueous solution) ℃: 38 ~ 45
Surface tension (25 ℃) mN / m: 21.0 ~ 24.0
The surface treatment of the filler can greatly improve the dispersion and wetting of the filler.
The addition of ink improves the spreading and leveling of the ink and the stability of the ink system.
Wetting, dispersion and leveling of paint (water-based, oil-based, solvent-free) systems.
It can be used in combination with insecticides, fungicides, fertilizers, etc., or it can be directly added to the formulation for synergistic effect.

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