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Industrial Anti-foaming Agent Specification

Item No.: Industrial Anti-foaming Agent

Industrial Anti-foaming Agent Specification

Other Description: 

1. Typical Technical Property

ModelNon-volatile MatterAppearancePHStabilityApplication Scope
Silibase-IA1820≥17Milk white viscous liquid7~101500 rotation /min 30min no layerMiddle, low temperature printing, paper making, chemical, sewage treatment, etc. 
Silibase-IA2815≥13Paper making, pulping, pesticide
Silibase-IA3820≥17Paper making, water-based ink, coating, etc. 
Silibase-IA8≥18Sewage treatment, detergent  
Silibase-IA188 White Powder9~12 Washing powder, chemical cleaning
Silibase-IA28 White Powder7±1 Seed coating, modified starch

2. Application Scope & Characteristics

The product is used for paper making, pulping, ink, coating, dyeing and printing, chemical, sewage treatment, metal cleaning and other industries. It is non-toxic, tasteless.

3. Method of Application

Dilute to uniform solution by clear water or foam liquid then add it to foam liquid. 

4. Packing, Storage & Transportation

1). Packed with 50kg PE drum or 200kg internal coating plastic drum, or upon customers' request. 
2). Please keep in dry and ventilated place, pay attention to rain and direct sunlight, separate with strong acid, strong alkali and salts. 
3). The storage period is 6 months since the date of production, in case of exceed that period, stratification may occur, but it can be used after inspection. 
4). The product should be transported according to non-dangerous articles.

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