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Coupling Agent Silibase-6570

Item No.: Silibase-6570
Product Name: Coupling Agent, Silane Coupling Agent
The Corresponding Trademark: A-174, Z-6030, KBM-503, MEMO
CAS NO.: 2530-85-0
Chemical Name: 3-Methacryloxypropyltrimethoxysilane
Molecular Formula: C10H20O5Si
Structural Formula:

Molecular Weight: 248.4

Physical Properties
Physical Form:
Transparent liquid
Color :Colorless
Specific Gravity at 25/25℃: 1.045
Boiling Point, ℃: 255
Refractive Index, nD 25℃: 1.429
Flash Point, Pensky-Martens Closed Cup (1), ℃: 108

Mainly used to improve the surface adhesion properties of the organic and inorganic materials,
such as the processing of the glass in the steel, glass fibers and plastics, rubber, paint, coating
of a siliceous fillers and other materials, and also used for the binder in order to increase the
bond performance,
It can significantly improve the wet and dry mechanical strength, electrical properties, and translucent
of the filled white carbon, glass fiber, glass bead, silicates, metal powder, metal oxide, and metal
hydroxide unsaturated polyester composites. Also it is used as the adhesive coupling agent.for
ethylene-propylene rubber, butadiene rubber, acrylic acid ester, cyano acrylate, unsaturated polyester,
a poly (methyl acrylate), acrylic acid ester, etc.
In the wire and cable industry, when it is used to treat the clay fill peroxide crosslinking EPDM system,
consumption factor and inductance capacitance are improved.

Packaging and Storage:
3-Methacryloxypropyltrimethoxysilane is packed in 25KG/200KG drum, IBC tank or ISO tank.
Be sealed and stored in cool and well ventilated place. Away from fire and water.

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