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Silibase-201S-Silicone Defoamer for Soy products

Application industry: soy products

I. Properties

   1. Composed of polysiloxane, food grade emulsifier etc.
   2. Good temperature resistance.
   3. Easy disperse in water
   4. Can add in any time
II. Product Data


White to light yellow emulsion liquid



Solid content 




III. Applications

   1. Soybean products process

   2. Beverage

   3.. Other food industries which need defoam


IV. Use Method


Antifoam have good defoam and antifoam functions. Can add When foam come out or add in products as foam suppression component. According to different using systems, defoamer dosage 10-1000ppm. Best dosage needs to test in using system.


Can be used directly as well as after dilution. If can stir and disperse enough in foaming system, can add directly. If need dilute, Pls according to dilution methods, do not dilute with water directly, or will layered, emulsion breaking etc. and affect products quality.


V. Packing and Store


25kgs, 50kgs or 200kgs plastic barrel etc. wooden pallet. can be customized.

  Suitable store in 10~30℃, Do not close to heat sources or expose to the sun. Do not add acid, alkali etc. materials into the products. Seal up hen not in use, avoid pollution of harmful bacterial. If have layered after long time store, Stir evenly before use. Will frozen in lower 0℃, Melt and stir evenly before use. Shelf life 6 months. Store as common chemicals.


VI. Product Safe


The specification is based on the knowledge and experiences our company have at present. The applications and use methods we given for reference only. If can not confirm use safe, Pls contact with dealer or our company directly. Suggest do small quantity test before use for the products is used in different conditions and methods. So assure use products safe and effective.

If need product standard, Pls contact with us. Products data should not be regarded as products standard. We assure our products accord with standard that you required. If bring lose due to quality, our company will undertake return payment back or change products. We can offer material safethy technical instructions as required. We will not notice if we revise this instruction in future.

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