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Silibase-130M-Silicone Defoamer for The fermentation

Application industry: The fermentation

I. Category Name

Special Compound Defoamer XPM-130 for Fermentation

II. Active Ingredients
Modified Polysiloxane, Special Polyether, Emulsifier, Stabilizer

III. Physical Property


Milky white viscous liquid

Effect Content


Stability (2000r/20min)

No layering and precipitation

PH value


Emulsion ionic


IV. Application Field
The product is 2G defoamer designed by our company for fermentation industry, featured by high defoaming speed, high efficiency, little usage, non-toxicity, innocuity, and no corrosion or side effect, and is the best defoamer for fermentation of antibiotics, vitamins and yeasts fermentation,
Wine fermentation, refine sugar, bacterial culture, zymin, veterinary drug processing, and extraction in biochemical late period.
The product has characteristics of emulsion organosilicon defoamer, can automatically recover emulsion state after high temperature 125℃, and doesn’t cause oil water separation and layering.
The product also thoroughly breaks technological problems that domestic defoamer is easy to float oil and demulsify after dilution, and is high-quality new-generation product applying to fermentation industry.

Suitable for aqueous system, resist high temperature, acid and alkali, capable of adding in base material, also capable of feeding materials in the tank in late stage, adding amount (0.5-1)‰.

V. Packing: 25kgs, 50kgs, 100kgs, 200kgs plastic drum, 200kgs iron drum, also according to customers’ requirements, validity 12months, avoid being froze, Stir evenly before use.
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