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Silibase-10K-Silicone Defoamer for Water treatment

Application industry: Water treatment

   ● Be made of polysiloxane, Emulsifier, Stablizer etc.
   ● Keep defoaming and antifoam well in low concentration
   ●   Easy to disperse in water.

Typical product data


milky white or light yellow liquid

Solid content




Appropriate diluent : 

10~30 thickened water

Note: Data on above only for reference, can adjust according to customers’ actual needs.


  ● Industrial wastewater treatment;
  ● Other water based foaming systems;
Use methods

This type defoamer have very good defoaming and antifoam functions, can be added after foams come out or add as antifoam compositions. According to different systems, Dosage can be 10~1000pm, Best dosage depend on test.
Packing and Store

This product use 25L, 200L plastic drum (also can made according to customers’ requests).It should be kept in dry and cool, avoid blazing sun and flames. Once fire, put out fire method same as general petroleum products. Product will freeze
In lower O℃, If freeze, use after melt and stir, works normally.

Product Safe

Typical product data is not standard, technical specifications can be produced according to customers’ practical needs. In order to use product correctly and safely, please do test before use in bulk.
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