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PU Foam Stabilizer-SilibasePU-8540


Item No.: SilibasePU-8540

Product Name:PU Foam Stabilizer

   Product Introduction

   SilibasePU-8540 is non-hydrolyzablesilicone stabilizer that has been designed        to provide excellent foam stabilityand fine regular cell structure in low to medium      density flexible foams. SilibasePU-8540offers enhanced stability while yielding        foams with good breathability. It hasfull hydrolytic stability.

   KeyFeatures and Benefits

   Silicone stabilizer with medium efficiency. 

   SilibasePU-8540 hasexcellent foam stability plus good breathability in various          foam density from15 kg/m3 to 40 kg/m3.

   Complete hydrolytic stability.

   Storageand Handling Procedure

   SilibasePU-8540 should, if possible, bestored at temperature between 5 to 35℃.    Under these conditions and unopened drums, has a shelf-life of 12months              from the date of manufacture.


   200 kg irondrums    


Classification and labelling according to transport regulations andchemical laws

Protective measures for storage and handling 

Measures in case of accidents and fires 

Toxicity and ecological effects 

Can be found in our Material Safety Data Sheets

TypicalPhysical Properties




Clear liquid

Density @ 25 ℃

1.03 g/cm3

Viscosity @ 25 ℃

900-1200 cst

Flash Point(Pensky-Martens Closed Cup)



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