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Hard foam auxiliaries SilibasePU-9685

Item No.: SilibasePU-9685

Product Name:Hard foam auxiliaries

   Product Introduction

   This product is a non-hydrolyzable siliconecopolymer for rigid polyurethane 

   foams. Suitable for all kinds of differentblowing agent system, including CHC-11, 

   HCFC-141b, and cyclopentane and so on.Finished foam has a delicate 

   closed-cell characteristics.


   Suitable for all kinds of foaming agent system, including CFC-11,HCFC-141b, 

   cyclopentane and so on.

   The foaming process is highly stable, taking into account the finepores of the 

   cell and the better dimensional stability.

   In the provision of better thermal conductivity while also makingthe foam to 

   maintain excellent mobility.

   SilibasePU-9685 can be applied to sheet metal, spray, pipes and otherrigid 

   thermal insulation foam. It is recommended that the starting amount be2.0-3.0 

   parts per part of the polyol.


This product provides 200kg metal pail, net weight.

TypicalPhysical Properties




Slightly yellow liquid

Density @ 25 ℃


Viscosity @ 25 ℃

500-900 cst



Flash point (closed cup)


Lifeand Storage

The product is valid for 12 months, more than 12 months may continueto use such testing qualified.

The product shall be stored in a cool dry place, away from fire andheat.

This product hypothermia become turbid, and even solidified. It doesnot affect the performance and use. Heated to about 30 ℃ transparent again.

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