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Foam Additives SilibasePU-9698

Item No.: SilibasePU-9698

Product Name:Foam Additives

   Product Introduction

   This product is a silicon - carbon bond,non-hydrolyzable polysiloxane - polyether 

   copolymers, particularly suitable forcyclopentane foamed polyurethane rigid 

   foam systems.


   Foam stabilizers suitable for refrigerators, freezers and other foamsystem. 

   Typical amounts of 2-3 parts per 100 parts of the polyether.

   Provide fine cell structure of the foam products with extremely lowthermal 


   Foaming material provide high mobility to ensure a uniformdistribution of density 

   of the article, to reduce the surface of the foamvoids.

   System used in refrigerators, can bring the entire box even lowthermal 

   conductivity, thereby reducing the overall energy consumption of therefrigerator.


   This product provides 200kg metal pail, netweight.

TypicalPhysical Properties




Transparent liquid

Density @ 25 ℃

1.03 g/cm3

Viscosity @ 25 ℃

700-1000 cst



Flash point (closed cup)


Lifeand Storage

The product is valid for 12 months, more than 12 months may continueto use such testing qualified.

The product shall be stored in a cool dry place, away from fire andheat.

This product hypothermia become turbid, and even solidified. It doesnot affect the performance and use. Heated to about 30 ℃ transparent again.

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