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What is the paint

Jan 14, 2014

Paint is a chemical composition coating hard covering on the surface of the object, played protective, decorative, signs and other special purpose roles .It belongs to the organic chemical polymer materials, formed the coating is a part of polymer types. According to the current chemical product classification, coating belongs to fine chemical products. Modern paint is gradually become a kind of functional materials engineering, which is an important industry in chemical industry .

Paint is the indispensable material in the processing of family decoration. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of people's lives, as well as environmental protection voice rising, people on the requirements of high decorative paint is increasing. The type of decorative paint varieties also has ranged from wood oil,fixed raw iacquer to synthetic resin coating,so as to satisfy the needs of different consumers.

In general,the decorative paint  varieties are phenolic paint, alkyd paint, lacquer, polyurethane ( PU polyester ) paint, polyester paint, acrylic paint and polyurethane paint etc, which is currently widely used amount of interior decoration, most varieties of paint, the paint film is tough, strong adhesion, abrasion resistance, water resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, and light colour retention, excellent film performance by people of all ages.

At present, environmental protection signed as coatings on the market the most powerful 'pass'. But the authorities went house-to-house checks on the market, found that more than 80% of all signs of environmental protection or self-made imitation. 'False green' paint prevailed, makes it difficult for consumers to distinguish. According to expert introduction, in this environment, a simple judgement of water-based paint is choose water paint.

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