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What is Wetting agent

Jan 14, 2014

Wetting agent is a liquid material  that added to reduce the surface tension ,which is the solid material of making solid materials become wet more easily . By reducing the surface tension and interfacial tension, so that the water can spread in solid material on the surface of, or into the surface, and the solid material wetting. Usually it is some surface active agents, such as sulfonated oil, soap, opened powder BX.  The soy lecithin, thiols, hydrazine and mercaptan acetal is also available . Wetting agents are  being used increasingly in ceramic industry, general take one that is a very high water hardness of polyethylene oxide alkyl ethers ( Poly-oxyethylene alkylate ether ). And sulfonated oils, soaps are moderately wetting properties, good detergency and solubilization of tendency. Surface active agent consisting of a hydrophilic and oleophilic medium composition, when in contact with the solid surface, lipophilic moieties attached to a solid surface, hydrophilic outward toward the liquid, the liquid on the solid surface forming a continuous phase, this is the basic principle of the wetting effect.

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