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What is Agricultural organic adjuvant

Jan 14, 2014

Agricultural organic adjuvant is a new type of environmentally friendly auxiliaries ( wetting synergistic agent ) and itself has no effect, only to improve pesticide effectiveness, have water saving, labor saving, drug saving characteristics, and no residual.

By reducing surface tensionp of aqueous pesticide , increases in pesticide wetting and spreading and infiltration capacity. When the concentration is 0.01%, agricultural organosilicone wetting synergistic agent can make the surface tension is reduced to 22 dynes/cm, which makes the pesticide can be rapidly wet and in wet leaves is difficult to wet such as waxy leaf surfaces spread rapidly. It can be added to a variety of herbicide mixtures and enhanced its effectiveness significantly, especially water of broadleaf weeds herbicide removal effect is even better, due to the rapid absorption resulting in ' rain ', which is because the herbicides have been infiltrated into the plant surface, not easily washed away.

●Superior spreadability, excellent permeability, high absorption and conductivity, rain erosion resistant, easy to mix, high safety and stability.
●Enhanced liquid adhesion, improving the utilization of pesticides.
●Excellent wetting and spreading, increasing coverage, improve pesticide efficacy
●Promoting absorption of medicament through the stomatal infiltration, and rain erosion resistant
●The reduced amount of spray, reasonable drug saving, labor saving and time saving
●To reduce pesticide residues, reduce pesticide loss.

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