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Three Features Of Silicone Defoamer

Sep 15, 2014

Wide application: due to the special chemical structure, silicone oil is neither miscible with water or substance containing polar group, nor with hydrocarbon nor organic matter containing hydrocarbon. Therefore, is not dissolved in water, animal and vegetable oil and high boiling mineral oil. Due to the insolubility of silicone oil to various substances, it is widely used not only in the water system defoaming, but also in the oil system defoaming.

Low surface tension: the surface tension of silicone oil is generally 20-21 dyne / cm, much smaller than that of water (72 dyne / cm) and general foaming liquid, and this is also another reason why organic silicone defoamer is widely used.

Good thermal stability: taking the commonly used simethicone as an example, it is resistant up to 150 degrees Celsius for long time, and for a short time the temperature can be more than 300 degrees Celsius, while the Si-O key does not decompose. And this will ensure that the organic silicone defoamer can be used in a wide temperature range.

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