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Three Advantages Of Silicone Defoamer

Oct 21, 2014

To know more about the silicone defoamer, this article shows three advantages of silicone defoamer. 

First, high chemical stability. Because silicone defoamer has the relatively stable Si-O key, its chemical stability is relatively high. It is difficult for silicone defoamer to react with other chemical substances. Therefore, as long as the preparation is reasonable, it can allow the use of silicone defoamer in acid, alkali, and salt system.

Second, physiological inert. Silicone oil has been shown to have no toxicity to human and livestock; its half lethal dose greater than 34 g / kg. So the silicone defoamer (in a suitable emulsifier Mix) can be safely used in food, medical, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry.

Third, defoaming power. Silicone defoamer can not only effectively get rid of the foam which has been generated, but also can significantly inhibit the foam, preventing bubble. Its use quantity is very few, and just adding one in a million of foaming weight (1ppm) can produce the defoaming effect. The common using range is 1 to 100ppm, which ensure the advantages of low cost, and no pollution in defoaming substances.

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