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The materials of Shower gel

Jun 20, 2014

With the coming of summer, bath shower gel and shampoo is our essential supplies. Generally speaking, what we see is the exquisite packaging of finished product. However, what is made from shower gel which brings us fresh and comfortable? Our company also produces raw material of shower gel, and we call it silicone surfactant for personal care. What’s more, we has similar functional products: GE1188A,DC-334, DC-1401, DC-193, DC-8209, DC-245, DC-230, PMX200, DC-1411 and so on.

Shower gel’s materials are mainly surface active agent, thickening agent, preservatives,fragrances and some additives. The material production, of course, through strict quality control and layers of quality inspection, because these materials are in direct contact with the skin with people, so the production need more security indicators. Our company is a big company with producing and marketing all by ourselves, so customers can rest assured to use our raw materials, we extract the essence of nature, only produce safety shower gel material. All in all, we have not only experience and technology, but also patience and sense of responsibility.

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