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The knowledge of Adjuvant

Jan 14, 2014

Adjuvant refers to the ability to enhance and to change immuno-respones type material, application and at the same time or in advance to the injection of antigen. Adjuvants can itself have immunogenicity, and there can be no immunogenicity.

Application of adjuvant in order to improve the immunogenicity of antigens on the body, thereby improving the antibody titer. Particulate antigen ( such as bacteria, cell ) has a strong immunogenicity, generally without the use of adjuvants can achieve good immune effect. The soluble high molecular weight protein immunogens, artificial antigen, immune adjuvant must be used in order to obtain a better immune effect. In addition, generally not two times in a row using complete Freund's adjuvant, so as not to cause severe reactions in animal.

Since adjuvants can enhance  the surface area of antigen, and can prolong the retention time of antigen in vivo, the antigen and lymphoid cells have sufficient contact time, leading to it has a variety of effects:

First, turning the antigenic substances into effective antigen.

Second,strengthen circulating antibody levels or to generate more effective protective immunity.

Third, alternate produced by circulating antibodies to type.

Fourth, enhancement of cell-mediated hypersensitivity reaction ability.

Fifth, the experimental autoimmune or other types of allergic disease.Lastly, protective antigen ( especially DNA, RNA ) not receptor enzyme decomposition.

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