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The concern of silicone

Jan 14, 2014

Silicone  is a highly active adsorption materials, belong to the amorphous material, the chemical formulas for mSiO2 • nH2O. Insolubling in water and any solvent, avirulent insipidity, chemical stability, except strong alkali, not with any material outside hydrofluoric acid reaction. Various types of silica gel because of its manufacturing method is different and the formation of different microporous structure. The chemical components of silica gel and physical structure, decided that it has many other similar material difficult to replace have characteristics: adsorption performance, high thermal stability, chemical stability, high mechanical strength, etc. According to the size of the silica gel aperture are divided into: big hole silica gel, thick hole the silica gel, the type B the silica gel, the fine holes silica gel.

Silica gel as a safe and non-toxic materials, now be used in large bottles, bubbup manufacturing, all the silica gel bottle bottle will probably be the mainstream of the future. Because plastic bottles PC sparked fears of mothers, silica gel this kind of material safety got the identity of the mother.

Silica gel bottle liquid silica gel (LSR) is made, excluding bisphenol A, also won't break. Silica gel bottle water resistant moistureproof sex good, in-60-200 ℃ keep good flexibility. Good stability, 25 ℃ at room temperature in damp or not seal of high temperature can be put at least 1 years don't spoil. Resistance to chemicals sex good, acid, alkali and various chemicals. Do not contain any environmental hormone, is the best choice to replace plastic bottles. Liquid silica gel is do human body during the operation of the best material to use, even the use of any disinfection methods are difficult to make its deformation, and does not contain any harmful substances. The benefits of silica gel bottle: safety harmless, baby like soft bottle, washing, disinfection convenient, won't have peculiar smell, easy to carry, economic benefits
But the online some mothers have said for all the silica gel bottle to worry, fear body too soft, carelessly down, will choke to the baby. At present the silica gel bottle market approval is not too high,at present the mothers are more likely to use glass bottle.

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