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The Usage of Silicone Oil

Oct 9, 2015

There are various viscosities. A higher heat resistance, water resistance, electrical insulation and smaller surface tension. Commonly used for advanced lubricants, shock oil, insulating oil, defoamers, release agents, polishing agents, release agents and vacuum diffusion pump oil; emulsion coating can be used for automobile tires, the dashboard light and the like. Methyl silicone oil is most commonly used. After emulsification or modified for use in the finishing of textiles smooth and soft feel after finishing the daily care shampoo also added silicone emulsion to improve lubrication of the hair. In addition, ethyl silicone oil, methylphenyl silicone, nitrile-containing silicone oil, polyether-modified silicone oil (a water-soluble silicone oil) and the like.

Silicone oil, silicone emulsion. For soap bath gel. DC-344. Cyclic polydimethylsiloxane. 195. Many components in cosmetics with a high degree of compatibility, reduced product sticky feeling, as a co-solvent, the solid powder and dispersing additive for refreshing creams, lotions, facial cleanser, lotion, makeup, perfume. Fluid is a different degree of polymerization of the polyorganosiloxane chain structure. It is composed of dimethyldichlorosilane with water hydrolysis early condensed ring member, the ring body through pyrolysis, distillation system low loop body, and then put the ring body, head, catalysts can be put together to give each telogenic a mixture of different degree of polymerization, by vacuum distillation to remove low boiling silicone oil can be prepared. The most commonly used silicone oil, all organic groups are methyl, said methyl silicone oil. Organic groups may also be used to replace part of other organic groups methyl groups to improve certain properties of the silicone oil and apply a variety of different purposes. Other groups are common hydrogen, ethyl, phenyl, chlorophenyl, trifluoropropyl. In recent years, the rapid development of organic modified silicone ...

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