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The Mechanical Property Of Silicone Resin

Jan 30, 2015

The mechanical property of silicone resin is a highly cross-linked structure of the polysiloxane. It has characteristics of both organic and inorganic materials and the unique physical and chemical functions. 

Demands on the mechanical properties of silicone resin mainly depends on the use of it . Silicon resin can be used as electrical insulation paint, coatings and adhesives. People concern more about its hardness, elastic, thermoplasticity and adhesive etc. Hardness and elasticity of the silicone resin paint film can be adjusted by the resin molecular structure in large range. When the functionality of three or four functional chain content is getting higher, namely the crosslink density is greater, we can obtain high hardness and low elastic film; by introducing higher substituent group sterically, it can help improve the flexibility and elasticity of heat, which is why methyl phenyl silicone resin and thermoplastic flexible is better than that of methyl silicone resin. Thus silicone resin do not need to use special plasticizer, but by the proper collocation of soft or hard silicon resin that can meet the requirements of plastic.

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