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The Coupling Agent

Dec 24, 2014

The coupling agent is a kind of material with two different functional groups, and the biggest characteristic of its molecular structure is that a molecule contains two different kinds of perssad with different chemical properties, one easily having chemical reaction with the inorganic surface, while the other easily having chemical reaction with the synthetic resin or other polymer, or forming a hydrogen bond dissolved in them. 

Therefore, the coupling agent is also called "molecular bridge", to improve the interface interaction between inorganic and organic matter, thereby greatly improving the properties of composites, such as physical properties, electrical properties, thermal properties, optical properties etc. It can form an interfacial layer between the reinforced material and resin matrix through the chemical reaction, which can transfer stress, thus enhance the adhesion strength between the material and the resin, and improve the performance of the composite material. At the same time, this layer can prevent other medium into the interface, and improve interfacial state, which is beneficial to improve the product aging resistant, resistant to mechanical and electrical insulation properties. 

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