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Silicone Additive Polyether siloxane copolymer

Nov 25, 2015

Silibase-2819A Silicone Additive

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Polyether siloxane copolymer

Typical properties:
appearance:amber-colored clear liquid 
Active matter content:100%.
Refractive index at 25ºC:1.444-1.451
Viscosity at 25C:1000-2000cp

Special properties:
Provides strong slip, scratch resistance and anti-blocking. 
Excellent leveling and anti-crater performance. 
As a surfactant in many applications including polyurethane foams and coatings

Dosage (additive as supplied):
Silibase-2819A Silicone Additive can be used as an additive in coatings to provide slip and mar resistance (typically 0.1-1.0% by weight), for preparing flexible PU foam (typically 0.5-2 parts surfactant per 100 parts polyol), and for compatibilizing MDI with water (typically recommended loading 60 parts MDI/water per 1 part Silibase-2819A Silicone Additive). It is the user’s responsibility to determine the optimum surfactant loading for the particular formulation.

Package and storage stability:
Available in 25 liter pail and 200 liter drums.
24 months in closed containers.

Other Names: 
Silicone Additive, Silicone Leveling Agent and Silicone Defoamer, Flow and Leveling Additive for Leather, Flow and Leveling Additive for Paint, Flow and Leveling Additive Solution for Ink, Flow and Leveling Additive for Coating, Flow and Leveling Additive for PU Leather, Silicon Flow and Leveling Additive, Substrate Wetting Additive for Coating, Substrate Wetting Additive for Paint, Substrate Wetting Additive for Ink, Substrate Wetting Additive for PU Leather.
Silicone Substrate Wetting Additive, Silicone Flow and Leveling Additive, Silicone Anti-blocking Additive, Silicone Flow and Leveling Agent, Silicone Super Wetting Additive, Silicone Flow and Leveling Surfactant, Silicone Flow and Substrate Wetting Additive, Silicone Release Additive, Silicone Flow and Leveling Agent, Hydroxypropyl Silicone Oil, Silicone Flow and Leveling Additive, Flow and Leveling Additive, Leveling Agent, Silicone Additive, Silicone flatting agent, Silicone levelling agent, Silicone Paint Leveling Additive, Silicone Flow agent, Organosilicon acrylate copolymer resin, Silicone surface additive, Organosilicon ACR, Polyether modified polydimethylsioxane, Silicone Assistant.
Organosilicon leveling agent.

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