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Platinum Crosslinking Agent for Silicone Rubber

Oct 26, 2015

Product Name: Platinum Crosslinking Agent for Silicone Rubber
Other Names: Platinum bridging agent (curing agent) A agent / B agent, curing agent, curing ingredient,vulcanizing agent,vulcanizater, crosslinking agent, cross linking agent, bridging agent, accelerant, accelerating agent, accelerator, cure accelerator for silicone rubber.
Item No.: Silibase-6A as part A, Silibase-6B as part B

Silibase-6A and Silibase-6B are combined with silicone curing agent, A, B both must and can achieve the purpose of adding sulfur crosslinked, can choose: 1) oil and sulfur; 2) pump tube IR plus sulfur; 3) hot sulphur. Silica gel and crosslinked by sulfur of two plus sulfur is very easy to meet the requirements of FDA non-toxic tasteless and high transparency (to the detection of FDA must be two times the sulfur of 200℃, 2 hours). But the proportion of use must be divided into gas phase silica gel and precipitation of silica gel, the two are very different.

1. the use of platinum plus sulfur, can not use containing hydrogen containing silicone oil, silicone rubber, otherwise easily glue and finished product is easy to produce bubbles.
2. the use of platinum plus sulfur, acetylene black, dark green, dark red when use ratio should be readjusted.
3. the prohibition of nitrogen, phosphorus, sulfur, lead, cadmium, vinyl, acetylene to join, as a result of the above substances added to make the platinum poisoning, but not possible crosslinking objective.
Applications Dosage: 
1.A low temperature curing, molding
Proportion: Silibase-6A 0.4% ~ 0.5%
                     Silibase-6B 1% ~ 1.2%
Vulcanizing temperature: 80 ℃ ~ 120 ℃ ± 10 ℃
2.PET thin films
Proportion: Silibase-6A 0.6% ~ 0.8%
                     Silibase-6B 1.5% ~ 2%
Vulcanizing temperature: 130 ℃ ~ 160 ℃
Sulfur addition time: 6-8 minutes
3.Gas phase silica gel used for pumping pipe
Proportion: Silibase-6A 1% ~ 1.2%
                     Silibase-6B 1.6% ~ 1.8%
4.Sedimentation type silica gel used for pumping pipe
Proportion: Silibase-6A 0.5% ~ 0.6%
                     Silibase-6B 1.6% ~ 1.8%

Mode of operation: 
Extruded tube first thermal furnace, the temperature at 300 ℃ ~ 350 ℃ for approximately 5 seconds to 10 seconds and then into the oven to 180 ℃ ~ 220 ℃ for approximately 90 seconds to 120 seconds, up to TC-90 can be mature.
As a material for standard 20KG
Requires: Silibase-6A 20KG * 0.4% = 80 grams (A agent)
                   Silibase-6B 20KG * 1% = 200 grams (B agent)
Take the first 10KG silica gel and A agent 80 grams mixing evenly = A glue, standing for 30 min cooldown.
Another 10KG silica gel and B agent 200 grams mixing evenly = B glue standing for 30 min cooldown.
Vulcanization molding, cutting quality ratio of A, B glue mixing evenly to each other for vulcanization molding operation. A adhesive and B adhesive mixed glue mixing well, in 4 hours to 6 hours after use, to prevent the room temperature crosslinking. If A adhesive and B adhesive each other after mixing be stored longer time to be adding delay agent, used as required, but the delay agent and sulfur speed is slower.
1, the process of mixing the temperature can not be too high, preferably not more than 30 degrees, suggest mixing with frozen water cycle
2, bridging and colloidal platinum after mixing, in 4 hours to 6 hours at room temperature vulcanization molding, to prevent crosslinking. If you need to extend the preservation time, can consider to add a little delay agent (sold separately).
3, delay agent use ratio is 0.01-0.03%.
4, avoid high temperature, sunlight, away from fire, acid, metal oxides, amines and flammable materials, stored at room temperature for 25 ℃.
Appearance: Silibase-6A / Silibase-6B transparent jelly,
Packing: 1KG/ barrel, 1KG/ barrel
Shelf life: six months

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