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Phenyl Methyl Silicone Oil and Hydroxypropyl Silicone Oil

Nov 28, 2014

Phenyl methyl silicone oil is a kind of the compound phenyl silicone oil introduced in the molecular chain of dimethyl siloxane. It has better high temperature performance, radiation resistance, lubrication performance and dissolve performance compared with methyl silicone oil, and its working temperature is -50 ℃ ~ 250 ℃. Phenyl methyl silicone oil is used for insulation, lubrication, damping, anti-shock, anti-moisture, anti-dust, carrier of high temperature of hydraulic oil and high temperature heat, transfer media of transformer filled with oil and all kinds of pressure transducer signal, etc. Phenyl methyl silicone oil should be stored in a clean, sealed container, and avoid being mixed with other substances. Do not let it contact with open flame. It should be arranged as non-dangerous goods to be stored and transported, and be kept ventilated, dry and prevented weathered when shipping. 

Hydroxypropyl silicone oil is reactive hydroxypropyl silicone oil, which is mainly used in organic silicone rubber, polyurethanes, coatings, etc. It can improve low temperature flexibility, good polymer processing liquidity, temperature resistance and abrasion resistance, isolation, and the viscosity. Hydroxypropyl silicone oil is a dangerous chemical, so it should be classified into the general chemical when store and transport it.

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