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Organo Silicone Spray Agent

Oct 21, 2015

Product Name: Organo Silicone Spray Agent
      Item No.: Silibase-285211
      Countertype Product: Dow Corning Q2-5211
      CAS NO.: 67674-67-3

Key Features and Typical Benefits: 
        • Nonionic
        • Superspreader for soluble liquid and emulsifiable concentrate formulations
        • Promotes spray volume reduction
        • Very low surface enegery
        • Rapid spreading and wetting
        • Improves spray coverage
        • Super spreading and penetrating of spray agricultural chemicals
        • Promotes rapid uptake of agrochemicals (rain fastness)
        • Improves application reliability
        • Nonionic, making it useful with a broad range of agrochemical formulations
        • Accord with environmental protection, reduces environmental pollution caused by pesticides
        • Reduces the residues of pesticides
        • Improves product’s quality  

Typical Physical Properties: 
      Application: Spray Adjuvant for Agricultural
      Active Content percent: 100%
      Appearance: Clear, little yellow liquid
      Cloud Point (0.1 wt%) : <10℃
      Refractive index at 25°C: 1.440-1.450
      Freezing point: <2℃
      Viscosity at 25°C (77°F): 20-60 cSt
      Surface tension (0.1% aq.): 20-22mN/m

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