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Introduction of Silicone Resin Paint

Oct 27, 2020

Silicone polymer-silicone resin, silicone rubber, silicone oil
Made from basic raw materials. Organic
There are two main types of silicone resin paint, one type is low molecular
Silicone-based silicone resin paint, the other type is modified
Silicone resin paint.

Silicone resin paint has heat resistance, weather resistance,
Ozone resistance and resistance to ultraviolet rays in sunlight, its gloss retention and resistance
The pigment has good powdering properties and excellent electrical insulation. Its disadvantage is its
The curing process is a dehydration condensation reaction between silanols, so
Requires drying at high temperature 150~250℃, when curing
Long time, inconvenient for large-area construction, adhesion and resistance to the bottom layer
Poor solvent, poor paint film strength at higher temperature, price
expensive. But the modification made by reacting with other resins
Silicone resin paint has the advantages of two resins
Make up for the shortcomings of both.

The method of making silicone resin paint is bifunctional
Groups and multifunctional chlorosilanes are the main raw materials, such as two
Chlorodimethyl (or diphenyl) silane, methyl (or benzene)
Base) trichlorosilane, etc. through hydrolysis, concentration, condensation and other processes.
The content of phenyl in the product, the amount of multifunctional group added
How much, the physical properties and properties of silicone resin paint are different. Give birth
Control the degree of hydrocarbon substitution during production, that is, silicon atoms in polymers
The ratio of the connected phenyl group and the connected hydrocarbon group to make the difference
Use silicone resin paint. Modified silicone resin paint is
Silicone resin and acrylic, polyester, phenolic, alkyd, ring
It is made after the reaction of oxygen and other resins. Silicone resin oligomer
Hydroxy, siloxy, unsaturated hydrocarbons are active in the above resins
The functional group undergoes polycondensation to form a modified silicone tree
Grease paint. In addition, if vinyl monomer is introduced into the molecular structure
Si-O-Si bond or Si-Si in the body or molecular structure
Bonded silicone resin, low viscosity, can be used as solvent-free type

Silicone resin paint can be used as electrical insulation coating,
Moisture coating, magnetic material binder, heat-resistant coating, resistant
It can also be used as a release agent, waterproofing agent for construction, etc.

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