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Hydroxypropyl silicone oil

Nov 17, 2015

Product Name: Hydroxypropyl silicone oil

Other names: Mold release agent, silane coupling agent

Nature of the product And Classification: Reactivity Hydroxypropyl silicone oil

Hydroxypropyl silicone oil is a linear organo-functional polysiloxane.
Due to the presence of terminal primary hydroxyl group, as an active ingredient in a suitable polymer can be used for the synthesis of organosilicon - polyurethane / polyester block polymer.

Physical Properties:

Appearance: colorless or yellow transparent oily liquid
Active ingredients: 100%
The relative density of 0.95 - 0.96
product Rotational Viscosity (25 ° C CS) Hydroxyl content Molecular weight Refractive index (25 ° C)
Silibase-28520 39 1.7% 2000 1.4164
Silibase-28530 60 1.1% 3000 1.4117
Silibase-28540 80 0.8% 4300 1.4082
Note: Other specifications can be produced in accordance with the specific requirements of customers.

Similar Products: TEGO Protect 5000, Dow Corning BY16-201

Product features:
Improve the low temperature toughness of the polymer.
Given polymer processing fluidity.
Silicones  Automatic chemotactic sheet effects to made the polymer to produce excellent isolation, anti-sticking.
Improve the temperature resistance.
Improve the wear resistance.

Instructions for use and areas:
Resistance markers, anti-graffiti effect, for the manufacture of solvent-based anti-graffiti coating modified polydimethylsiloxane, having the additional peelable effect. Limited miscibility with aromatic hydrocarbons, can be diluted with esters, ketones and alcohols.
Adding a small amount (3% to 30%, the added amount) is determined according to the performance required to replace the original formulation of the polyol.
Can be used the performance shape from the agents, mold release agents.The recommended dosage is typically 3-20%. Mainly used in the silicone rubber, urethane, paints, etc..  

The packaging: 1kgs, 5KGS 25KGS, 200KGS / barrel

Storage and Shelf life: Sealed and stored at room temperature storage. Shelf life is at least 12 months, contact with tin (eg with metal containers) will shorten storage stability.

Transportation: This product is non-dangerous goods storage and transportation as a general chemical.

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