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How to use Silibase Silicone Surfactant for Agricultural

Feb 12, 2014

Silicone Surfactant has 2 kinds of usages. There are:
1. In Agrochemical Formulations
Silicone Surfactant may be used as an ingredient in formulations, provided all the ingredients are compatible. Silicone Surfactant is stable in neutral aqueous formulations (pH=6.5~7.5), but will degrade rapidly in acidic or alkaline formulations. New product formulations should be thoroughly tested for performance and shelf stability before entering market. Additionally, it is recommended that Silicone Surfactant be used at a concentration of at least 5%, based on the total formulation.

2. As A Tank Mix Adjuvant
Silicone Surfactant, when used as a tank-side adjuvant may be used to improve spray coverage, improve uptake or to allow for a reduction in spray volume. Silicone Surfactant is most effective as a tank-side adjuvant when spray mixtures are 1): within a PH range of 5-8, and 2): used within 24 hours of preparation.

High spray volumes, coupled with high surfactant rates, are not required to achieve sufficient coverage with Silicone Surfactant. In fact, Silicone Surfactant has the potential to provide adequate coverage in many low volume spray applications at rates between 0.025% and 0.1%. Test a small area first to ensure that crop damage does not occur.

Potential Applications of Silibase Silicone Surfactant for Agricultural

Silibase Silicone Surfactant for agricultural has been successfully in spray applications globally. Typical applications include:


Typical Use Rate

    Plant Growth Regulators  

0.025% to 0.05%


0.025% to 0.15%          


0.025% to 0.1%


0.015% to 0.05%

    Fertilizers and Micronutrients 

0.015% to 0.1%

Note: use rates are dependent on crop, agrochemical and spray volume requirements.

After Silibase Silicone Surfactant is added in an agricultural chemical, the surface tension is low and the penetration ability is very high. The dosage of some strong pesticides and herbicides should be reduced. During spraying, pay special attention to personal protection to avoid pesticide poisoning resulting from body absorption of the chemical through skin penetration and the respiratory tract.

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