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Equipment for Comfortable Preparation of Prepreg Blanks Based on Epoxy

Nov 15, 2023

The device of the present invention is equipped with a magnetic particle clutch on the product winding roller shaft, single side release paper winding roller shaft, fiber woven fabric winding roller shaft, single side release paper winding feeding roller shaft, and double side release paper winding feeding roller shaft.
In the device of the present invention, both the single side release paper winding roller shaft and the double side release paper winding roller shaft are equipped with closed cavities filled with circulating heating medium, and the two closed cavities are connected through pipelines.
The device of the present invention also includes two baffles, one at each end of the single-sided release paper winding roller shaft and the other at both ends of the double-sided release paper winding roller shaft, used to block the overflow of the matrix resin.
The bisphenol A epoxy resin in the present invention is E-51 epoxy resin, B-44 epoxy resin, or E-20 epoxy resin: the phenolic epoxy resin is F-44 phenolic epoxy resin, F-48 phenolic epoxy resin, or F-51 phenolic epoxy resin. The core-shell polymer is made of polybutadiene rubber, styrene butadiene rubber, or polymethyl siloxane as a soft core, and polymethyl methacrylate as a hard shell.

The epoxy matrix resin of the present invention has a glass transition temperature of 133-138 ° C, an impact strength of 10-22KJ/m ', a tensile strength of 65-85MPa, a tensile modulus of 3.0-3.6GPa, an elongation at break of 2.6-4.6%, a bending strength of 100-140MPa, and a bending modulus of 2.6-3.6GPa after being cured for 2-3 hours at 120 ° C.
Before and after curing, the toughening phase state remains unchanged, the dispersion state is uniform, and the toughening effect is good and stable.

The prepreg of the invention has good stability, and the gel time at 120 ° C is 9~20min. The preparation method adopts the hot melt method to manufacture the prepreg process. The fiber woven fabric is protected by the isolation paper and passes through the impregnation roller. The hot melt matrix resin is impregnated with the fiber woven fabric under the self weight and pressure of the impregnation roller, and the resin content is controlled to form a single-layer prepreg blank through automatic winding. The production process is simple.

Process for preparing epoxy resin prepreg
The prepreg prepared by the present invention is superimposed to obtain at least three layers of prepreg blank, which are cured for 2-3 hours at 120 ° C using a hot pressing tank process to obtain a composite laminate. The number of layers of prepreg blank depends on the specific situation. The tensile strength of the obtained composite laminates is 500-600MPa, and the tensile modulus is 22-26GPa; The bending strength reaches 700-800MPa, and the bending modulus reaches 24-28GPa; The layer shear strength is 72~82MPa, and the mechanical properties are good.

1. The present invention uses core-shell polymers to replace traditional rubber and thermoplastic resins (TP) to toughen epoxy matrix resins. The results showed that after blending the pre designed core-shell polymer particles with the modified resin, their composition, morphology, size, and distribution in the resin remained unchanged before and after curing, that is, independent of the curing process. By toughening epoxy resin with core-shell polymer, the toughness, tensile strength, and bending strength of the epoxy matrix resin and composite laminates obtained were significantly improved, while Tg and modulus did not significantly decrease.
2. The prepreg of the present invention adopts a one-step hot melt process, which has the advantages of low volatile content, environmental protection, and no environmental pollution compared to the solvent method; Compared to the hot melt adhesive film transfer method, which first compresses the matrix resin into a film shape and then composite impregnates it with fiber woven fabric, its work efficiency is higher and the manufacturing cost is lower.
3. The prepreg prepared by the present invention has stability characteristics, and can be stored for 3 months under normal conditions (25 ° C), and for 6 months below -18 ° C.
4. The device for preparing prepreg of the present invention completes the impregnation process of epoxy matrix resin and fiber woven fabric in one step. Compared with the existing hot melt prepreg production device, the equipment has lower manufacturing cost, simpler production process, higher production efficiency, and more accurate control of prepreg resin content.

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