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Curing agent

May 27, 2014

    Curing agent is a colorless transparent environmental water-basedliquid material, which can effectively penetrate polluted surface of concrete,and have the chemical reaction with medium of concrete, become crystallization,then produce a dense solid surface. Our curing agent is easy to use and non-combustible.Its permeability is strong, resistance to chemical corrosion, tasteless,non-toxic, resistance to wear, easy to clean, easy maintenance, suitable forold and new concrete surface and dry and hardener wear-resisting surface. Themost important thing is that can be used in the site directly. What’s more, applicationplaces of curing agent, it is suitable for mechanical pharmaceutical, chemical,electronics, hardware machinery factory, mold factory, factory production,logistics warehouse, large supermarkets, roads, Bridges, DAMS, airport runway,pulverization and porous base level, etc.

    Our company is a development manufacturing enterprise which has richexperience of the industrial building materials research. We have “one-stop”professional service in product development, production, sales, and toundertake the project. Company is focused on the curing agent, to providecustomers with innovative system solutions and high quality products, to createmore comfortable living environment, more environmental protection work for theenterprise. 

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