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Chinese Factory Supply Chem-Trend® PU-18060W Release Agent

Sep 12, 2023

Product Name: Release Agent
Item No.: SilibaseRA-4855

Main technical parameters
Density, (25℃)g/cm3:0.97~0.98
Solid content:53%~55%
Adapt to mold temperature:87~185℃
Solvent:Deionized water
type:Synthetic esters and resins
Demoulding force, N/100cm2:≤35
Recommended dilution ratio:8~18 times (Ionized water is recommended if conditions permit, the specific dilution ratio varies with different products)

SilibaseRA-4855 release agent for car headliner and other interior decorations. With the continuous improvement of people's car ride comfort, the application of PU foam materials in car interior parts such as car roofs and door trims is becoming more and more common. Especially for wet PU composite laminates, a good release agent means higher production efficiency. In this regard, the SilibaseRA-4855 water-based release agent developed by our company is mainly used for roof, side wall, pillar decorative panels, front top lining, door lining, rear top frame decorative panels, rearview mirror frames, luggage cover, and mudguards. Wait for the release of PU laminates. It is suitable for the increasingly stringent requirements of domestic automobile factories for VOC, and has passed the test of professional testing institutions. It has the characteristics of high dilution ratio, high solid content, and high-cost performance. It can completely replace similar imported products.

1. Use cloth, pressure spray gun (best effect) or immersion method for uniform coating.
2. If possible, use a dry cloth to wipe the mold surface evenly to make SilibaseRA-4855 evenly distributed on the mold.
3. Repeat the first step and apply SilibaseRA-4855 once. (It is recommended that when using SilibaseRA-4855 for the first time, please spray the diluted release liquid several times. After that, only a small amount of SilibaseRA-4855 needs to be sprayed evenly to maintain excellent release performance. It is recommended to use 0.5~0.8mm caliber Spray gun, in order to achieve the best use effect, the pressure needs to be tested and adjusted, generally the pressure is about 0.5mPa is more appropriate.)
4. Spray evenly 15~20cm away from the mold surface.
5. After spraying, if the mold temperature is lower than 100℃, visually check the dry state of the mold surface after 30~50 seconds. If there are still obvious water marks, you can use an air pressure device to blow it with an air gun until the water marks disappear. If the mold temperature is higher than 130°C, it can be pressed in about 30S after spraying.

Cleaning the mold
Before using mold release molding, please be sure to clean the mold, such as the previous residual mold release agent, grease and other mold contamination may cause chemical reactions, or solid residues may cause uneven isolation of the mold, which will inevitably affect SilibaseRA-4855's demolding effect.
1.When the mold has just been used and still maintains a high temperature, immerse the mold in an industrial professional mold cleaning solution.
2. Use wooden tools to scrape off special contaminants. Pay special attention to the use of metal tools. Metal tools not only damage the mold, but also easily melt in the alkaline solution.
3. After rinsing with water, use an air gun or other similar tools to clean the mold. Check whether the mold is completely cleaned.

Important statement:
The information contained in this manual is based on our existing knowledge and good credit. It is only indicative information, not binding, especially the damage and prejudice to the rights of third parties during the use of the product. SILIBASE SILICONE guarantees that the products it sells conform to the sales specifications.
Only necessary preliminary tests can determine whether a product is suitable for a specific purpose. This information cannot replace preliminary tests to determine whether a product is suitable.

25KG/plastic drum or 200KG/plastic drum

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