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Chemical Era

Jul 21, 2014

     Human always keeps close relationship with chemical, which spreads to every aspect of life. In modern life, people are inseparable from the chemical products almost anytime and anywhere, ranging from food, clothing, shelters and material life to the spiritual life, such as culture and art, entertainment, all need chemical products for the service. Some chemicals play an epoch-making role in the human development history. Their production and application even represent a certain historical stage of human civilization.
    Our company is mainly engaged in chemical industry of agricultural production and chemical medicine. For example, organic silicon resin is one of our products. Organic silicon material has outstanding performance in the field of high performance coatings and decorative paints, basically has the following several reasons. Organic silicon can improve the durability of the paint and coatings. What’s more, organic silicon can be resistant to corrosion, discharge, damp and extreme temperatures. And it has the rain and the sun’s ultraviolet with good tolerance. Organic silicon can improve the gloss and color keeping degree. Moreover, organic silicon can improve the gloss and color keeping degree. Lastly, organic silicon can be compatible with many organic resins and can be applied to almost any material or surface. In brief, in the era of chemical technology develops by leaps and bounds, chemical products has realized the production and application in many areas.

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