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Applications and development of silicone in organic pigments

Jan 14, 2014

The organic silicon surfactants in daily, textile industry application prospect is good. Fiber oil can reduce the friction factor of the fiber material to achieve soft lubrication effect, the role of organic silicon polymer is sufficient to reduce the surface energy.

The hydrophobicity of skeletons  has nothing to do with the presence of silicon, but with the methyl groups, siloxane flexible can make contact at the interface there is a considerable relationship between their hydrophobic methylene group, different length of the siloxane chain determines the different hydrophobicity.

The hydrophilic basically similar with most commonly used surfactant, silicone surfactant polarity can adjust the proportion of dimethyl siloxane groups to replace. These newly developed silicone-based products now have begun to try to use as paint additives.

Silicone excellent exhibition capacity is an important factor in its development to become auxiliaries. Fair sex is often mistaken for wetting. The exhibition is not only dependent on surface tension decreased, such as silicone exhibition performance in excess of the organic fluorine-based surfactant, organic fluorine surfactants lower surface tension than the silicone. In view of its many features and benefits, used as additives, there will be an unexpected effect in the paint industry .

Compared with foreign and domestic research on silicone surfactant is not deep enough. I hope the country engaged in the study of pigments and pigment additives peer work together for the development of joint efforts of China's pigment industry.

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