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Application of Silicone Oil Defoamer in Petroleum Industry

Sep 25, 2020

Silicone oil defoamers are widely used in the petroleum industry and have become an indispensable and important additive in the production process. Due to the extensive use of strong foaming surfactants in drilling fluids, defoamers are not only indispensable for extracting crude oil, but defoamers must also be used in the post process of crude oil refining. In the crude oil distillation process, silicone oil defoamer is used. Secondly, the gas removed from the top of the tower or the natural gas from the gas well contains impurities such as H2S and CO2. When ethanolamine or (HOCHMeCH2) 2NH is used as the H2S absorption liquid circulation A large amount of foam will be produced during operation, which will affect the normal production. If silicone oil defoamer is added to the amine solution, high-efficiency continuous operation can be realized.
In the process of separating aromatic hydrocarbons (benzene, toluene, xylene, etc.) from crude oil fractions, foams are more or less generated during cracking and hydrogenation reforming reactions. In the hydrocracking process, due to the use of water-diethylene glycol as the solvent, the latter has a strong tendency to foam, and defoamers are required for these processes. In addition, in the production of various lubricating oils, due to the addition of oil slick agents, antioxidants, rust inhibitors, solid lubricants and extreme pressure anti-wear agents, they are all surface active substances with varying degrees of It has a foaming effect, so it is necessary to add silicone oil defoamer.

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